metal deck roofing malaysia

Metal roofing has become more and more popular for homeowners. There are benefits of installing a metal roof, such as it reflects sunlight and heat well. This is very energy efficient, especially if you’re living in a hot country like Malaysia, where you have to turn on the air conditioner almost the whole day. Now, you may ask, what is the difference between a metal roof and a normal roof? The metal roofing system is made from metal pieces or tiles which are highly durable, long-lasting and doesn’t require much maintenance. Metal roofing materials are usually made out of elements such as galvalume coated steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, zinc, aluminium, and copper.

metal deck roofing malaysia


The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

The most well known attribute of metal roofing is that it is long-lasting. Metal roofing can last up to 50 years or more, depending on the climate. Metal roofing is also known for its better insulating abilities, reflecting sunlight and heat well as compared to the traditional asphalt roof. Metal roofs are also recyclable and are considered eco-friendly. Besides that, metal roofing is also lightweight and can be installed on an existing roof.

However, there are disadvantages to installing a metal roof too. That includes the noise when rain hits the roof and hailstorm leaves a dent on it. The installation process is also not known to be foolproof and requires experienced professionals to install it. Metal roofing also costs more than traditional roofing systems but in the long term it is a worthy investment.

The Structure of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing materials usually come in the form of large “standing-seam” sheets or multiple shingle sections depending on the building size that it is going to be installed on. For factory sized/business buildings, the large sheets will be used in order to cover more area and to save time on installation. 

If a homeowner decides to change their roof to the metal roofing system, there are certain groundworks that must be done. One of them is to install a metal deck in order for a better support system to the roof (You can check out metal deck roofing malaysia for more information). Metal deck is known for its simple structure yet efficient performance.

As mentioned above, homeowners can also choose to install metal roofing upon an existing roof. This could save time and cost on removing the existing roof. 

metal deck roofing malaysia


If you just found out about metal roofing or are still not quite sure whether it will be a good choice for a roof replacement, it is okay. Metal roof might not be the choice for everyone but it is a good option for people who want a permanent fix for their ongoing roofing issues such as leaking. It is also a good consideration for people who don’t want to spend more in the long-run for maintenance costs since metal roofing is eco-friendly and sustainable, usually requiring little to no maintenance.