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With how massive the numbers of Internet users in this digital ocean we are living in, posting contents has been a great activity for some. This is because it is a great way for them to express their emotions to the public or simply to show off their creativity in creating content. For the youngsters, it is a great way to distract themselves from the pressure of their parent’s high expectations and the burden of having to study. For some parents, creating online content is a waste of time that their children should spend studying or working on their home works. However, more parents have been viewing such activity in a new light where it is beneficial as there are many careers regarding communication and broadcasting for their children’s future. As an example, they could be website designers where they handle the development and designing of the client’s websites. Check out this custom website designers malaysia if you need more details about this company. 

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Thus, people have been interested in posting fun contents online in order to show their creativity or a way to improve their communication skills. Let’s move on to the top 3 ways to post such content.


As it stands, Youtube is a platform where you can post any content on your own channel in order to get viewers to like, subscribe and share your videos. You can create content about whatever you wish to (unless it’s something inappropriate or sensitive) with whoever you want at any time. It could be a makeup tutorial, cooking videos or mukbang, where you posted a video of you eating. You can choose to edit and cut the videos as you prefer before posting the content on your channel. This is an opportunity to add funny stickers or witty songs as you edit the video so that the videos can be more entertaining for the viewers


As a blogger, you have to produce content in the form of articles where you write about whatever you want in your blog. Usually, bloggers will write about themselves, their trips or what happened in their daily lives. Some bloggers do that or they also write about specific things about beauty, food and hobbies. Despite writing for fun, it would also be appreciated if you can write about interesting things that will make your readers gain new knowledge. This is a good way to entertain people as your content can also be fun to be created with unique writing styles or your own way of making your articles look casual but super informative. It can even help in raising awareness where you can encourage people to read more by writing about book reviews for your blog.


If you love writing fanfictions, then you can also create content for that application. Besides entertaining yourself by posting fun contents through the fanfics, you can also practice in improving your writing skills. It is a free platform for all where your readers can read your contents online and give their feedback regarding your works.

Last Words

In a nutshell, these are the top 3 ways for you to post fun contents online. There could be lots of other platforms out there but you might want to try these out if you have no idea where to begin. Your start could be a leap of faith you took in order for you to have a fun hobby you can use in order to relieve your stress.