In this sophisticated era, everything is developing. It is not only gadgets that are developing. The world of entertainment such as games is also developing. Moreover, with the increasingly much more modern devices offered, the developers are also making games that are more detailed and more fun to play. 


In the game world itself there are various types of games that can be played. Yes, there are thousands of games available online. However, sometimes there are still many beginners who still wonder and do not understand the type of game being played. In the following, I will try to explain several types of games that are classic, timeless and evergreen on PCs and smartphones so that our knowledge about games is increasing.

1. FPS Games 

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As the name implies, this type of game contains shooting. Yes, insert machine gun sounds please. However, in this game you will play the characters in the first person perspective. No wonder in some games, characters are only shown in the form of hands or weapons. In this FPS game you will find various missions that you must complete. The point in this game, players need reflexes, eye and hand coordination until the time is right. For instance, this type of game is Dead Effect, Valorant and Counter Strike.


2. Action Games 

This type of game presents the main feature in the form of action. It is full of action and In action games, players must have certain skills and quick reactions to fight enemies and avoid obstacles. The point in this game is that players must use their reflexes, accuracy and the right time to complete a game level. 


Not surprisingly, action games usually come with qualified graphics and a process that is not slow so that players can play optimally. This type of game is the earliest type of game before the presence of other genres such as fighting games to first person shooters. Did you know about Tekken Tag? It is a huge game franchise in which they produce action games that are high-quality and best, yet still popular. 


3. Examples Of Games 

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This game contains battles. In this game, players can choose characters with different abilities. Players can also issue different moves and abilities from each character to defeat the enemy. Usually the battle is present one on one (one on one) in a limited arena. Examples of this type of game that are quite well known are Mortal Kombat, Street fighter to Sign. Last but not least, my favorite, Tekken Tag. If you have consoles, you would enjoy playing Tekken Tag Online or Multiplayer. 


4. Casino Games 

Casino games are here to stay. It has been around since before the time of technological advancement. You could play while having fun, it is a win-win situation. Casino like 888 malaysia by MySlotKing is the best. Play with your friends to have the best experience ever especially since it is a good game. Gambling could be bad if you did not control it but enjoying it is not a bad thing.