A wrist watch is one of the pieces of jewelry men wear. These watches reflect their lifestyle and personality. For some men, choosing a watch is akin to selecting the right cigar. Size, cost, shape and style are the main considerations. The thing is, a great watch can last for many generations, while a cigar will not.

Are you thinking of buying a new watch? There are tons of men’s watches in Malaysia, but few watch models would meet your expectations and preferences. Below are some of the factors you should consider when picking a new one.

Must set your realistic budget

This is an important first step in the watch buying process. Not all people are fortunate enough to get decent watches. Make sure to set a budget, depending on your financial capabilities. Take into account watch movements, different types of watches, materials and features. Furthermore, contemplate on getting a second-hand, vintage watch.  

Must Know the intended use of the watches and the type of watch you want to buy

Why do you want to buy a new watch? Choosing the best watch eventually boils down to knowing its use. There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, so you need to figure out which one is best for your lifestyle. Ask yourself a series of questions. Which one do you think would complement your existing watch collection? From there, decide on the type of watch that you want to have.

Must review first the functions and features of your watches

So, you already have a shortlist of all your favorites. The next step is to narrow the list down by reviewing each watch model’s functions and features. Read more about watch complications. Remember, you are buying a timepiece that tells more than just time. Below are some of the most common watch features.

Must choose the watch movement

Watch movement is the mechanism inside the timepiece that keeps it running. Apart from quartz, there are many other types of watch movements you can consider. For most people, quartz movement is enough, though. It is affordable, accurate, and offers a ton of amazing features. If you want, you can also go for mechanical movements. This type of watch would give you a taste of Swiss watchmaking.

Must choose the color and design that you want

The final step here is to select the color and design that you want for your watch. This one is subjective, since all of us have our own preferences and tastes. This can be overwhelming! Feel free to start by looking at your own personal style–from your clothes and shoes. Do you think the watch that you have would go well with your current wardrobe?/p>