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Premature ejaculation is a prevalent and highly-treatable condition that affects one in three men all over the world. It is characterized by a man’s inability to control their ejaculatory responses, resulting in 1 or 2-minute sex sessions with their partner.

If a man has this condition, they will feel what is known as sexual anxiety in that they fear that they are not giving their partners what they deserve. Men oftentimes feel inadequate if they cum too quickly, but the good thing is that there are a lot of things that you can do on your end that will help solve the problem.

One of them is taking the right supplements for men in Malaysia. There are certain vitamin and mineral supplements that can help improve your overall health which includes your penis as well.

Here are other ways to help reduce sexual anxiety so that you can last longer in bed:

The Behavioral Method

It is believed that primary premature ejaculation is actually caused by psychological factors. Performance anxiety is certainly one of them and that is the fear that men feel if they cum way too early.

In order for you to get by, you need to constantly communicate with your partner about your condition. Most of the time, women feel sorry for their partners and would do things on their end to help reassure you that everything is going to be okay.

Other things that you can do is to try out different positions that will help give less stimulation to your penis. You can also try and be mindful of the present so that you can slow down your tempo to a considerable degree.

Foreplay is always going to be a nice addition to your sex encounters with your partner since it can help stimulate their bodies, priming them for orgasm.

Medical Therapies

The use of desensitizing products can help lessen the sensation a man feels down there during penetrative sex. These products contain either lidocaine or Prilocaine which are known to reduce the penis’ sensitivity when put inside a woman’s vagina.

You can also opt to use thicker condoms as well. These condoms, unlike regular condoms, can help reduce the sensation that a man feels down there.

Psychosexual counseling can also help men cope with their performance anxiety, especially if there are certain stresses in their life that they cannot cope on their own.

Physiological Techniques

Practice slow breathing. Breathing in a slow and controlled manner can help you become more calm and collected- allowing you to become more ‘in the present’ when you are having sex with your partner.

Kegel exercises can help train and strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles found in your pelvic floor. These muscles are responsible for controlling urination, as well as ejaculation.

It also helps to squeeze the area just under the cap of the penis as restricting the blood flow will buy you some much-needed time to ‘finish the job’.