What is it like to miss out a thing from your friends across the world? What is it like to be unaware of the current crisis and information all over the world? What is it to be like living isolated from the rest of advancements and improvements of the world? How difficult it could be for you to be not connected?


In today’s modern world, everything runs through technology. Everything that revolves around the world are operated by the technology.  From the moment you wake up, one of the first things you open is your phone. Your phone is considered to be your side kick. A lot of times your cellular phone is one of the things that you could not just leave at home. You bring your phone in your work, outside when eating at restaurants, fast food chains, when travelling for picture taking, listening to music, taking videos for memories, texting loved ones, calling every necessary people that you need to have a word with. You just bring your phone everywhere with you. 

Social media is an online platform, may it be a website or an application that is used by mostly everyone around to world to participate in a social networking. Nowadays, social media has one of the most significant role in performing connections worldwide. Social media enables every individual to stay updated to people, news, even weather, music, videos, articles, blogs, vlogs, journals, bibliographies, even knowledge-based articles that provide information to every individual who are of course connected to this online platform. Mostly in today’s time people could not live without social media. A study in August 2019 by Marie Ennis- O’Connor showed that around 45% of the world’s population use social media. This study also showcased that Facebook runs as the most used application in the world. The average usage of Facebook is 58 minutes per day. Runs second is Instagram, an application that also allows sharing of pictures and videos, messages just like Facebook. The average time spend on Instagram is 40 minutes per day. And this obviously proves how often people interact in the form of social media.

Source : Medium

Social media is not just the sole online platform, website, or application that enables people to stay connected to other people around the world. People also interact with each other through online games, especially role playing games. Role playing games, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, are online games that has a built-in schemes for playing. Players take on their chosen roles and connect to other players as portrayers of these roles. This type of gaming is emphasized in a computerized form. Role playing games enables interaction from one player and the others especially when engaged in a group game. This interaction actually creates a more serious form of relationship towards co-players and the interaction is strengthen from the games. Oftentimes, interaction builds up more making people involved not just as a team in games, but also friendship are more likely to develop. 


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