tekan sini untuk pakej internet unifi

This page focuses on the internet’s architecture and evolution over the years, as well as other major internet-related topics. The background of the internet infrastructure, connection concerns in 2020, and a list of THREE internet providers in Malaysia with each of their details are the three factors on which the Malaysian internet infrastructure is described.

tekan sini untuk pakej internet unifi


In Malaysia, the year 1995 is recognised as the beginning of the Internet age. Around 1996, Malaysia’s Internet host population began to grow. In the same year, Cari Internet, the country’s first search engine and web portal company were founded. According to the first Malaysian Internet poll, conducted by MIMOS and Beta Interactive Services in October and November 1995, one out of every thousand Malaysians had access to the Internet, resulting in just 20,000 Internet users out of a population of 20 million. In 1998, this percentage had risen to 2.6 per cent of the population. The total number of computer units sold climbed from 467,000 in 1998 to 701,000 in 2000, demonstrating an upward trend.


Internet Speed during the MCO period 

Since 2020 was the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-site labour was outlawed, and most people were forced to work from home to stop the pandemic from spreading. However, internet speed may have been reduced as a result of the enormous number of people participating in online learning, video conferencing, and other activities. In the same year, Telekom Malaysia, Malaysia’s major internet provider, indicated that a technical issue with wires buried beneath the seafloor may have led to poor internet connection quality. This annoyed individuals because most people rely on reliable internet for important meetings and business.


Internet Providers in Malaysia 

There is a list of internet providers which are shown as the followings: 

  • Telekon Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is a Malaysian telecommunications firm that was founded in 1984. It began as the country’s primary provider of fixed-line, radio, and television broadcasting services, and has since evolved into the country’s leading provider of broadband, data, fixed-line, pay television, and network services. [4] TM joined the Long Term Evolution (LTE) business with the introduction of Togo, their first 4G service. TM’s 850 MHz service was renamed UNIFI Mobile in January 2018. With 2.23 million broadband users in 2014, UNIFI is Malaysia’s first high-speed fibre optic internet provider.

  • Maxis

Maxis Communications, or simply Maxis Berhad, is a telecommunications corporation based in Malaysia. It is one of the oldest and largest telecommunications companies in the country which provides 2G EDGE, 3G UMTS, 3G HSPA, 3G HSPA+, 4G LTE, and 4G LTE-A networks, also a range of communication goods and services, are available to users. With a minimum signal strength of -110dBm, Maxis had 100% 4G population coverage in Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor Bahru as of 2016.

  • U Mobile 

U Mobile Sdn Bhd, formerly MiTV Networks Sdn Bhd, is a Malaysian mobile telecommunications firm that began operations in 1998. U Mobile’s completely owned subsidiary, U Television Sdn Bhd, is an owned subsidiary of U Mobile. U Telecom Media Holdings Sdn Bhd and MiTV Corporation Sdn Bhd were its previous names. U Mobile’s networks include 3G UMTS, 3G HSPA, 3G HSPA+, 4G LTE, and 4G LTE-A. In 2015, U Mobile claimed to have 95 per cent population coverage thanks to a mix of about 10,000 3G and 4G LTE own-built stations, 3G RAN sharing, and 2G Domestic Roaming with Maxis.


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